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Shabana Sultana

Shbana Sultana Partner at Anglo Law


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Shabana has been practising law for 24 years.  She completed her academic training at the College of Law, London and after qualifying as a solicitor, she quickly accelerated her career becoming Head of the Family department in a busy West London practice. A few years later, equipped with her entrepreneurial streak and sharp business acumen she founded Anglo Law Solicitors in 2005.

Shabana is a specialist legal advisor with expertise in Family Law. She will always be happy to meet with clients for a no obligation free initial consultation to explore legal options and is happy to look at any paperwork.  Shabana knows family life is not Monday to Friday 9 to 5, so she offers evening and weekend appointments to accommodate people’s busy schedules. 

Her expertise includes but is not limited to divorce and relationship breakdown including civil partnership dissolution, resolving financial disputes and negotiating settlements in relation to property, money, pensions and spousal maintenance.  She’s experienced in dealing with disputes involving complex trusts, companies and assets in the UK and out of the jurisdiction. 

She is strong advocate of Children’s Law and has resolved and settled complex children’s proceedings including child abduction, child relocation, child abuse allegations, child arrangements including where a child should live, and time spent with the other parent and financial applications under Schedule 1 of the Children Act for unmarried couples.  She has assisted many fathers reunite with their children and is passionate about this issue. 

Shabana has a keen interest in providing access to justice for victims of domestic abuse particularity where children are affected. She has worked with refuges and law centres specifically assisting victims fleeing domestic violence with young children.  She will take firm and immediate legal action in abuse cases. Shabana will evaluate the merits of individual abuse cases and would consider acting pro bono if her schedule allows and where funds are not available.  

Working with utmost discretion, Shabana works alongside a unique and carefully selected set of experts equally passionate about delivering results her clients want.  Her team of trusted experts include barristers, forensic accountants, property surveyors, actuaries, psychiatrists and private investigators.

Shabana is a committed member of the national organisation Resolution.   A specialist organisation of family lawyers which encourages resolving family disputes using a non-confrontational approach. This is usually the preferred choice of most clients especially where young children are involved.  However, not one to falter, she is proactive when court action seems inevitable from the outset.  

Being a family lawyer requires a personality of tenacity, quick and creative thinking and even faster action.  Should any client be faced with the imminent risk of child abduction, the underhanded disposal of financial assets, or violent domestic attack, she will act swiftly to take charge and contain the situation expertly, whilst providing her clients with the reassurance and empathy they need in these sensitive situations.

Her years of experience in Court have resulted in a deep knowledge of presenting and arguing her cases and narrowing the issues succinctly.    Not only does she display intellectual agility, but she is also a skilled negotiator. She’s a deliberate and astute ‘devil’s advocate’ and will leave no room for ambiguity and nothing to chance.  In addition, her sharp memory affords a distinct advantage when she needs to think quickly on her feet in court.

Shabana is praised by her clients for her consistent quality of advice, efficiency, and notably her friendliness. The most important thing for her is that her clients completely trust that she will always put their best interests above ALL else. She has been balancing the sensitive emotions of her clients under the most stressful of conditions and severe time constraints successfully for over two decades.