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International Divorce and Oversees Asset Solicitors, London

In today’s fluid, global world economy, cross-border marriages are increasingly common. When such marriages end, any international aspects of the divorce and overseas assets add additional complexity to proceedings.

The family law team at Anglo Law, led by Shabana Sultana, a highly regarded specialist in divorce law, possess the resources, determination, and acumen required to manage international divorce and ensure your wealth is successfully protected. Our clients have full confidence in our services due to our team of trusted experts including barristers, psychiatrists, forensic accountants, actuaries, doctors, and private investigators. In addition, we provide a highly discreet and strictly confidential service from the moment a call is made and can manage any media interest in your marriage breakup.

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The right solicitor changes everything. Anglo Law Solicitors provides expert legal advice on International Divorce and Oversees Assets.

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Why would my spouse want our divorce case heard in London?

London is known as the divorce capital of the world because of the generosity of the courts towards financially weaker spouses. It is not uncommon for spouses in high-net-worth international divorce cases to try and file for divorce in England, despite having no legal right to do so.

As a general rule, you will only be able to file for divorce in England and Wales if your or your spouse is a resident or domiciled in the UK. For example, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg have had their divorce heard in London because they have resided in Kensington for many years. If a couple have a right to divorce in more than one country, it often becomes a race to file in the preferred jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction disputes in divorce can be lengthy and complex, requiring an in-depth understanding of international family law. Our team, based in the City of London, have the expertise to advise you and move swiftly to ensure your divorce petition is filed in the jurisdiction to best benefit your interests.
What does Brussels II Revised state about jurisdiction in divorce cases?

Brussels II Revised, also called Brussels IIA or II bis is an EU regulation on conflict of law issues in family law. It provides that in matters relating to divorce, legal separation or annulment, jurisdiction lies with the courts of the EU member state where:

• The parties are habitually resident.
• The spouses were last habitually resident, and one of them still resides there.
• The respondent is habitually resident.
• If there is a joint application, either of the spouses is habitually resident.
• The applicant is habitually resident if they resided there for at least one year immediately before the application was made.
• The applicant is habitually resident if they resided there for at least six months immediately before the application was made and is either a national of the member state in question or, in the case of the UK and Ireland, has their "domicile" there.
• Both spouses are nationals, or, in the case of the UK and Ireland, both spouses are domiciled.

Note: Brussels II Revised only deals with marriages between opposite-sex couples.

Our family law team understands Brussels II Revised and how to interpret the regulations to get the best results for our clients. We will listen carefully to your situation and work quickly to secure divorce proceedings in your desired jurisdiction.

What is the difference between habitually resident and domiciled for the purposes of divorce?

Habitual residence means that you live regularly in a particular place. For example, if you live in London for most of the year, your business is based here, and your children attend school in the capital, it is likely that you and your spouse will be classed as habitually resident in England, even if you spend four weeks in the summer in a holiday home in France.

The term domicile is more elusive. In simplest terms, it refers to the country where a person has the closest ties. You can be a domicile of a country by birth or by choice, but you can only have one domicile at a time.

A person’s domicile of origin is normally the country in which they were born, and this domicile is never completely erased. However, it can be suspended if a person moves to another country and intends to make that country their permanent home. The non-birth country becomes their domicile of choice.

Are overseas assets considered by the Court in a financial settlement?

Both parties in a divorce have a legal duty to make a full and frank disclosure of all their property and assets. This includes any that are held in another jurisdiction. Overseas assets can become part of the divorce settlement. If you wish to protect your wealth, it is imperative to contact us at the beginning of the process. If assets held abroad were obtained prior to your marriage, they may be excluded from any financial settlement.

Our Solicitors will carefully consider the facts of your situation and form a pragmatic strategy to ensure your objectives with regards to preserving your wealth are achieved. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure your best interests are fully protected.

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