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DIY Divorce - What can go wrong?

Most people who decide to divorce do so with the help of a family solicitor. In recent years there has been a small trend of people looking to try and follow the divorce procedure themselves, without the aid of legal advice.

It is important to realise that ‘DIY’ divorces come with the potential to make many mistakes, leading to a divorce that is unnecessarily long, drawn-out and expensive.

Serious problems can occur when trying to manage your own divorce without expert help, even when your situation seems relatively simple. Nearly 40% of all divorce petitions are returned due to incorrect information.

In this article, we look at DIY divorces, the associated risks and the benefits of using an expert family solicitor.

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What is a DIY Divorce?

A ‘do-it-yourself’ divorce is exactly as it sounds, divorce and financial proceedings that you handle yourself without professional help. People who are drawn to it often want to cut costs, however, even divorces that seem simple at first can turn problematic, once you start trying to iron out the details.

The Risks

The problem with DIY divorces and attempting to settle financial matters yourself is that as soon as you and your spouse disagree on anything, it can be very difficult to resolve and can quickly cause the process to become acrimonious.

The most common issues we tend to see revolve around splitting property, finances and agreeing on the arrangements for any children.

There is also the danger that you will fail to take account of key details and this could leave you with on-going issues after the divorce, meaning you do not get the clean break that you need.

The Benefits of Legal Advice

There are several important reasons why you should use a solicitor to handle your divorce and financial matters on your behalf.

Some of the key benefits of using an expert divorce solicitor are:

  • Ensuring all the legal requirements are correctly taken care of
  • Reducing the stress and upset in contentious divorces by allowing professionals to handle the details for you
  • Helping to prevent the divorce from becoming acrimonious
  • Making sure you get the best possible outcome
  • Ensuring that any children you have are properly provided for
  • Reducing the risk of on-going problems after the divorce

Going it alone can end up making the process much more confrontational than it needs to be, leave you in a worse position financially and cause lasting damage to your relationship with your former spouse, which can be particularly challenging if you have children together.

Our highly experienced family team are used to complex divorces and can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including negotiating settlements outside of court wherever possible and representing you in court where this is the best or only option available.

Why Choose Us

It is always advisable to contact an experienced family solicitor. That initial contact is a crucial step to ensure that you make an informed decision and know exactly what is involved and how long the process will take. You need to feel ready to take that next step and be sure not to make any hasty decisions.

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* “The court have a wide discretion when deciding what orders to make in relation to financial proceedings. In exercising their discretion, the court will take into full account the specific facts of the particular case in question. The court are guided by Section 25 criteria laid down by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. In deciding how the family assets are redistributed between divorcing couples or determining what happens to income generating assets, the court will always make reference to the guidelines of Section 25. Each case presented to the court is ultimately adjudicated on its own merits and the needs of any dependant children will always be the court’s main priority”.